Education and Background

University of Defense, Brno:

UNOB_logoI am graduate of military programme Aircraft and Rocket Technologies at University of Defence Brno that was originally setup to train Czech Air Force officers.

Study program was mostly oriented for Czech Air Force military officers. Lectures were led by Czech Army officers and external specialists. The program was enriched by excursions at selected sites: LOM Praha s.p., AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES, AERO Vodochody, 21.zTL Caslav, 22. zVrL Namest n/O and 24.zDL Kbely.

Fields of study:

• Low-speed Aerodynamics and Flight Performance
• Aircraft Design - Frames
• Aircraft Engines and Controls (turbojet, turbofan, turboprop,...)
• Aircraft Systems (oil, hydraulic, fuel, controls,...)
• Aircraft Maintenance in Czech Air Force Environement

Diploma thesis:

Name: CFD Analysis Of Wind Tunnel Components

Used software: AUTODESK INVENTOR, ANYSYS Workbench 12, Gambit

This diploma thesis deals with application of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) numerical methods to designing of component of wind tunnels. This thesis is divided into two mains parts. The first part is dedicated to corner sections of circulation wind tunnel, it solves single and pair corners with different turning vanes inside, mostly evaluating pressure drop in these sections. The second part is focused on the nozzle of circulation wind tunnel, mostly monitoring the uniformity of velocity profiles leaving the nozzle and entering test section of circulation wind tunnel.

Both main parts contain theoretical analysis of solved parts and also basic rules/recommendations for their construction. The vast part of the study deals with the CFD analysis (with all its stages) of selected wind tunnel sections. The minor but not unimportant part is dedicated to experimental measurements on selected sections as being experimental verification of numerical CFD results.

All parts solved in this thesis are parts of an existing circulation wind tunnel at Department of Air Force and Aircraft Technologies, University of Defence, Brno, Czech Republic.

Circulation wind tunnel overal scheme

2D meshing near airfoil vanes

Post-processing of CFD data

Post-processing of CFD data

Nozzle of circulation wind tunnel

Construction works inside the wind tunnel duct

Outlet pressure distribution into measuring devices

Right in the heart of the tunnel