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3D Printed Setter Dog

3D printed setter dog figure with handpainted surface

3D Printed Lithophane Snowball

3D printed lithophane snowball lantern for LED candle

3D Printed Hulk Figures

3D printed and handpainted Hulk figures (green + red)

3D Prints VS COVID-19

3D tisk a montáž ochranných štítů pro potřebné

3D Print Colour Catalogue

See available colours, printed samples, RAL codes, etc...

3D Printed Turbofan Engine

3D printed artificial Turbofan Engine with metal fasteners and bearings

3D Printed M601 Engines

3D printed turbopropeller M601 engine model

3D Printed Colt Walker 1847

3D printed replica of famous Colt Walker 1847

3D Printed H80 Engines

3D printed turbopropeller engines H80 Mark I and Mark II

3D Printed Luger Gun

3D printed replica of famous WWII Nazi Luger gun

3D Printed Paw Patrol

3D printed members of Paw Patrol TV Series

3D Printed Tiger Tank

3D printed model of famous WWII Nazi tank

3D Printed Dory

3D printed Dory fish from movie Finding Dory (Pixar and Disney)

3D Printed Bender Buddies

3D printed Bender robots from TV Series Futurama

3D Printed Solar System

3D printed Solar System for educational purposes

3D Printed Alien from ToyStory

3D printed Alien from Toy Story movie series